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Kitty Kush Doobie

Kitty Kush Doobie

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Indulge your feline's wildest fantasies with the Purrfect Potency Puff, a handcrafted crochet catnip toy that delivers an explosion of euphoric fun. This adorable puff is filled with premium, organic catnip encased in a discreet plastic pouch, ensuring that the aroma and potency remain fresh and irresistible. With just a gentle puncture, unleash a whirlwind of playful energy that will have your kitty rolling around in ecstasy.


    • Handcrafted with love: Each Purrfect Potency Puff is lovingly crocheted using high-quality yarn, ensuring a soft and durable toy that your cat will cherish.

    • Discreet scent preservation: The hidden plastic pouch keeps the catnip's potent aroma locked in until you're ready to unleash the fun. Simply puncture the pouch with a gentle squeeze to release the irresistible scent.

    • Long-lasting freshness: The enclosed catnip retains its potency for extended periods, ensuring that your kitty enjoys endless playtime with their favorite puff.

    • Variety of colors: Choose from an assortment of vibrant colors to match your cat's personality and style.


    • Intensifies playtime: The release of catnip's euphoric effects enhances your cat's play sessions, turning ordinary moments into unforgettable bursts of joy.

    • Promotes exercise and agility: Engaging with the Purrfect Potency Puff encourages your cat to chase, bat, and pounce, promoting physical activity and maintaining a healthy weight.

    • Reduces stress and anxiety: The calming properties of catnip help alleviate stress and anxiety, fostering a sense of tranquility and well-being in your feline companion.


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